Carrie Scheetz

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Carrie Scheetz

Art and Technology

I, Carrie Scheetz, began my teaching career here at DCES. I have worked here for the last 14 years teaching Pre-K thru 8th grade and 8 years teaching art at the afterschool program. My philosophy regarding children and art is that building and shaping children at a young age helps meet their artistic needs and influences their journey through life.

Over the last fourteen years the art program has expanded tremendously. I love creating art and enjoy working with others. I continue that enthusiasm by sharing talents with my students and exploiting their talents. I developed the scope and sequence to my curriculum based on the Illinois fine art teaching standards and the common core. I strongly promote the arts! Over the last ten years I have had my students participate in the Journal Pilot ads, Peace Poster contest for the Lions Club, painting a mural of Dallas City (hanging in the library), art field trips, create digital story books, create a gigantic mossaic which is on display outside of our school, doodle for Google contest, ceramic tile mural, designed murals and backdrops for plays and musicals, create books where students were the athours and illustrators and then got them published and the KHQA patriotic poster contest to honor vets in 2007 ( Sarah Sparrow won a $ 500 savings bond). Two years I hosted an art auction selling students' art work to raise money for the art department. We raised enough money to buy clay, glazes, a kiln, and a pottery wheel. Being an art teacher has been extremely rewarding and challenging. I keep my classroom and school an inspirational, creative environment. This atmosphere helps facilitate and generate ideas. Students' art work is displayed throughout the school from ceiling to floor. I was very honored to be the second-place winner, receiving $200 for myself and $400 for my classroom. for the 2013 Hawkeyes Teacher of the Year Award. As a educator I strive to inspire my students on a daily basis. I promote a positive community in my classroom and encourage students to become a better person by showing them inspiratonal videos daily and teaching the 7 habits.

I reside in Carthage, IL and enjoy doing ceramics, interior design, shopping, and hanging out with friends and family. My greatest joy in life is spending time with my nieces and nephews Ashton (13yrs), Nick (10yrs), Allison (10yrs), Avery (8yr), & Ava (7yrs) And Kori Jo (3yr). I grew up on a farm outside of Carthage. I have a wonderful family that supports me and has instilled great moral and ethical values and inspire me on a regular basis. My parents are Ron & Carla Scheetz and I have two sisters, Shelly Hunter and Nancy Huls who are nurses.

A Year of Art with Miss Scheetz

Students at Dallas City Elementary School receive instruction from a visual arts educator every other day. Pre K thru 5th grade have art for 20 minutes. 5 thru 8th grade students have an elective art they can sign up for. I get to see them one semester of the school year everyday.

There will be many projects experienced during the year.

Occasionally some projects may change or new ones may be added. Due to class cancellations or sudden bursts of inspiration- no project is set in stone! Watch the Halls of DCES for art from Dallas City Elementary Students!

The Core Concepts and Skills

Students will work with a variety of materials including markers, crayons, paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, clay and technology. Our curriculum includes the role of artists in society, recognizing art as a form of communication and expression, and identifying the elements of art such as line, shape, color, texture and space. Art history instruction is also a component of the curriculum. Throughout the elementary art experience we are exploring different, age appropriate methods of becoming artists.

All projects help students to use their imagination. I believe in the power of integrating art lessons with the content from the classroom. This is highly beneficial for those students who are visually special and bodily kinthetic learners. It also allows students to bring knowledge they have learned into the art room to demonstrate understanding or solidify abstract concepts from the classroom into practical use.

I align my lessons carefully to the Illinois Fine Arts Standards and the Common Core.

Art Assessment

How is my child graded in Art?

It is important to know and understand that everyone is artist in their own way! In art students are assessed in 3 areas: Skills and Content, Behavior and Effort (Craftsmanship).

I do not base my assessment on the child’s ability to draw or paint. Ability is a great thing to have and will be matured but raw talent alone isn’t what art is entirely about! I want each and every one of my students to enjoy the time they spend in the classroom regardless of their abilities!

Once again I grade on the process of the work, not the product of the work.

How YOU can help

Many parents ask what they can do at home to support their child. Give them time to create! The following help support elements of the art curriculum: drawing, sculpting with clay, building with legos or other toys, creating art on the computer, taking photographs. Coloring with your child is invaluable- that simple practice of craftsmanship of staying in the lines helps so much with hand/eye coordination. Practicing to cut will also help! Have your child cut out coupons! Exposing children to art is also valuable. Art is everywhere around us. Notice it. Talk about it with your child. This encourages aesthetic choices and decision-making while formatting a life- long love of art. Read EVERYDAY! You can read to your child or have your child read to you… either way .. READ! Create a consistent after-school routine. Help your child study and complete homework. BE POSITIVE!!!! Always speak positively about school, learning, and your child’s teacher. Encourage!!! Give your child the opportunity to excel in all areas of academics. Be sure your child is getting plenty of rest each night and is ready for school each day. Teach your child to be responsible for their actions and to take pride in all they do! Stay INVOLVED! Make it a point to ask your child about their day. Most importantly, communicate. Please know you can contact me with any questions or concerns.


I am very excited to be adding technology to my resume. I have a cope and sequence to follow this year that reflects the new technology standards. I will be teaching Kindergarten thru 4th grade. I see each of them for 30 minutes every other day..This will be very effective for students who do not have a computer at home, those students who need more help or experience with technology or for those who soar with technology. This is my third year teaching technology. It is going to be a great year this year!!!!